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The Business Immigration Programme is introduced to increase the economic development of Canada by luring entrepreneurs, investors and self employment with project capital, trade acumen and entrepreneurial skills. It also increases new opportunities develop ties with foreign markets thru individuals who have expertise in the particular field. Canada has three classes for Business Immigrants, which are categorised under Investors, Entrepreneurs and self employed category.

Business people, who contribute a larger investment to the Canadian Economy, can apply under the Immigration Investor Program (IIP). As an investor when seeking for Canadian permanent residency (PR), the individual must show relevant business experience, have to show legally obtained minimal net worth of C$1,600,000 and has invested C$800,000 in Canada. The Investor programme is mainly promoted to boost the economy of Canada by experienced people with great capita investment for the country.

With the Entrepreneur programme it attracts experienced business persons, who would establish its own business and actively manage the business while contributing the same to the Canadian economy and creating jobs. Previous self-employed experience of two years out of the last five years is required for determining the eligibility.

Under the self employed programmes the applicants need to show their capability of being self employed in Canada can be eligible for this programme. Applicants under the self employed category must have relevant experience and ability to contribute to the cultural and economical life of Canada, by having an experience in farm management and ability to own and manage a farm in Canada.

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