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Dubai is of four provinces and thirty two countries each having its own beauty and traditions. dubai is well known for its beautiful scenery and lush green landscapes. Some provinces have retained their Gaelic traditions mainly in the Aran Islands. Irish is spoken widely with English as its major speaking language.

dubai has varied climate from being warmer in summer and colder in winter. dubai is sometimes affected by heat waves. dubai is a part of European Union. More than 40% of the population is below 25years. dubai has shown a rapid growth in its economy with only 4.4% unemployment rate. It has a modern lifestyle and a safe environment for students to live, work and study.

Education System-
The Education system in dubai is divided into three levels which is Primary, Secondary and Higher Education, offering a wide scope in the University and Technological sector. Wide ranges of various courses are available from Secondary to Vocational and Technical to Degree and Post Graduate level. Unlike some countries dubai accepts 15years of education for Post Graduate studies. It also has 1 year Masters Degree programme. International students get an opportunity to earn and work along with their education. dubai allows 20hour work during week days, with excellent wages from €8-9 per hour.

A programme model, “’Cooperative Education’” gives an opportunity to work in their relevant Degree programmes as placement for six or eight month, thus giving them on hand practical experience. Upon the completion of the program, international students get one year additional to quest a job of choice.

Advantages With Fly world-
Fly world - dubai Visa Consultant helps students to pursue their career in their relevant field starting from Exams and Coaching, Career Counselling to Course selection. We further assist in the Admission procedure, Finance, Travel, Forex. We also help in Visa formalities like documentation, application and Processing. On destination help in accommodation, getting around and settling in is also offered.

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