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Germany is one of the modern and historical countries offering a high quality of life. It is influenced by many cultures due to its multinational and cultural diversity. Germany is included in major Economic and Political power in the European Continent. Next to United States, Germany is the most popular migration destination in the world.

Germany has a seasonal climate. Due to its geographic location rainfall occurs year round with mild winters and warm summers. Germany is also popular as a tourist destination, with visitors from around the world. Two thirds of the world’s trade fairs are conducted in Germany. It is also a place for big global brands like BMW, SAP, Siemens, Audi, Porsche, Nivea and many others. Germany is second home to many migrants from worldwide.

Education System-
Education, research and science play an important role in Germany. Germany is place to the oldest University in Heidelberg from 1386. Germany has more than 300 institutions for higher education from which 132 offer short and practical oriented courses. The dual teaching system of practical and theoretical learning in research studies has led to many new innovations, making it the most preferred place for research studies. Many Universities have facilities like onsite practical training for Engineering and Medicine students, making it as the most preferred place for Engineering, Medicine and Technological field. Most of the Institutions in Germany charge no or very little tuition fee, as most of the Universities are public Institutions and funded by the government.

Germany observes a high turnout of international students as it offers a wide range of course selection ranging from Medicine, Engineering, Management, Law, English and many others. It also offers internationally recognized qualifications like Bachelors and Masters. The main intake offered by many Universities is September while few offer March. Foreign students are allowed to stay for a year after the completion of their study program, in the event of looking for a job..

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