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Singapore is considered as one of the world’s biggest commercial hubs, along with being the fourth biggest financial centre and one of the five busiest ports. It has been a modern city for over a decade. A blend of Malay, Arab, Chinese, Indian and English cultures can be seen in Singapore. Its tropical climate, luxury Hotels, and great shopping makes it a perfect tourist destination all the year round. Singapore is fairly close to India encouraging students to visit home during every academic break.

Singapore has an excellent transport system as there is no need for a car to go around the city. Walking is also a good way to go around and explore the city and all major attractions are accessible by tour bus. Rainfall is evenly distributed around the year. Singapore has many Universities, schools, colleges and educational institute for students to choose from for their further studies. Here one can find knowledge based industries which are its main forte and provide employment to thousands of people. This country has lowest unemployment ratio as compared to all other countries over the world.

Education System-
There are three main types of programmes at Graduate level in public Universities, which is Graduate Diploma, Master’s and Ph.D. The Masters Degree Programme ranges from one year to two years depending upon the University. The various Masters Degree are MA, MS, MBA, and MFA and so on. TOEFL and IELTS are required if English is not their native language.

Tuition fees and the cost of living in Singapore is significantly lower than many of the developed countries. Singapore offers Primary, Secondary and Tertiary level of education by the state. It also offers Graduate Degree, Masters, Doctorate Degree and also Graduate Diploma. The GRE and GMAT scores are not compulsory for admission for Graduate Degree programme. SAT, TOEFL and IELTS is also not required for admission for Bachelors Degree programme.

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