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July 2015


UK is one of the developed countries, ranking as the sixth largest economy in the world. It has a very unpredictable weather, ranging from heavy rains to snowfall on the higher ground. The summers are warm and cold winters. French and German are the two most common languages spoken and taught. UK is diversified in culture with people settled from different countries. United Kingdom consists of Great Britain, which is twice the size of New York State. Four Celtic languages are widely spoken in UK which are Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Cornish, Welsh, which are all widely recognised as regional or minority languages. UK is widely connected with railways.

Education System-
The education of UK provides many facilities to students like academic support, academic counsellors and planned social activities. Compared to other countries UK has shorter duration programmes. The grading system in UK is different where “O” level is equal to SSC and “A” level is equivalent to HSC, whereas Bachelors is for 3 years, Masters for 1 year, and where PhD can be completed in 3 years. Along with alphabetical grading system, the numerical system is also used for evaluation.

The Indian 12+3 is acceptable for Masters Degree Programme, and can further be eligible for Work Permit and Permanent Residency. With an option of wide range of courses and options coupled with affordable education places UK as a sought after destination.

Advantages With Fly world-
Fly world - UK Student Visa Consultant helps students in pursuing their goal for further studies

  • Exam preparation and Coaching
  • Career Counselling and course selection
  • Academic pathway planning
  • Visa processing and documentation
  • Pre Departure and Post Departure Assistance

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